Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 22 Happy President's Day

                                                                                                               February 19, 2018
Dear Parents,

Valentine’s Day may be over but Miss Garcia and I are still feeling the love from all the
cards, candy, and gifts that students gave us.  From the bottom of our hearts--THANK YOU!!

Miss Garcia and myself hope that everyone enjoyed the extra long weekend!  It was so nice
to have an extra day but we are ready for another great week in 2nd grade!

Students have continued to work on adding and subtracting with renaming within 1,000.
This past week students focused on the branch method.  Students picked up on this
strategy quickly.  

This week we are focusing on Partial Sums.  The students should be familiar with
this strategy and have applied it previously with addition and subtraction.  Here are
some examples of homework this week.
Partial Sums with Renaming
Renaming in the tens place.
   3 2 6   300 + 20 + 6    1.  Show the first addend in expanded form.         
+  4 5 7   400 + 50 + 7   2.  Show the second addend in expanded form.
  7 0 0      700 +  70 + 13     3.  Add the hundreds, then the tens, and the ones.
     7 0                                 4.  Add the partial sums--700 + 70 + 13 =783
 +  1 3
  7 8 3                 
Renaming in the hundreds place.
   3 8 6   300 + 80 + 6    1.  Show the first addend in expanded form.         
+  4 5 3   400 + 50 + 3     2.  Show the second addend in expanded form.
  7 0 0      700 + 130 + 9     3.  Add the hundreds, then the tens, and the ones.
  1 3 0                                 4.  Add the partial sums--700 + 130 + 9 =839
 +    9
  8 3 9                 
Renaming in the tens and hundreds place.
3 6 6   300 + 60 + 6    1.  Show the first addend in expanded form.         
+  4 5 7   400 + 50 + 7     2.  Show the second addend in expanded form.
  7 0 0      700 + 110 + 13     3.  Add the hundreds, then the tens, and the ones.
  1 1 0                                    4.  Add the partial sums--700 + 110 + 13 =823
 +  1 3
  8 2 3                 

Here is what we will be working on for homework this week:
Worksheet: Partial Sums Renaming in the Tens
Worksheet: Partial Sums Renaming in the Hundreds
Worksheet: Partial Sums Renaming in the Tens and Hundreds

In language, students will be increasing their vocabulary by working with synonyms.
 Students will be ordering words by intensity.  For example, angry and livid are
synonyms for the word mad.  If you ordered these synonyms from weakest to
strongest, they would be mad, angry, livid.

Students are still working on editing and revising their Snow Creature stories.  This
narrative writing assignment has been the longest writing our 2nd graders have
written.  Our teacher/student conferencing is taking a bit longer and has been hard
to schedule.  Miss Garcia and myself are hoping to meet with all students this week.
From the conferencing that we have completed, we think the wait will be well worth it.  

It looks like it’s going to be another chilly week and students are outside for recess
and P.E.  Please be sure that you child is dressed for the weather with a jacket or

Anne Bloomfield

Shannon Garcia

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 21-- It's Valentine's Day Week!!

   February 12, 2018
Dear Parents,

Happy Valentine’s Week!!  As has been mentioned in last week’s blog, since Valentine’s Day
is on a school day, we will be celebrating it with a small party on Wednesday.  Students may
bring in Valentines to give to their classmates.  We will pass out Valentines and play some
Valentine related games on Wednesday afternoon from 3:15 till 3:55 pm.  We are keeping it
very simple!!

We have continued working on adding with renaming within 1,000.  This is a very
complicated standard (remember, it was started at the end of the first trimester).  All of the
time has been very worthwhile, as students are really picking up on the renaming, because
it is all done through decomposing and composing numbers students are really
understanding how to break down and rename the different place values.  

This past week we focused on addition using branch method on Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday.  This week we will continue to work on adding with renaming within 1,000 and will
work on subtracting with renaming in the one’s and ten’s place.  Here's an example...

      762   -    43  =                     1.  Decompose numbers by place value.
     ↙↓↘         ↙ ↘                      2.  Group hundreds.  Group tens.  Group ones.
700  60 2    40    3                      3.  Subtract hundreds. Subtract tens. Subtract ones.
(700 - 0) + (60 - 40) + (2 - 3)      4.  Watch out for negative differences.
    700       +    20     -     1  =       5.  Write and solve renamed equation.   
        720 - 1 = 719   
Here's the homework for the week...

Worksheet: Addition Branching with renaming 1’s and 10’s
Worksheet: Subtraction Branching with renaming 1’s
No Homework  Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your family
IXL - I.2 Add multiples of 10 or 100 (use your mental math skills)

In Language we are finishing up our work with capitalization using MINTS.  Students have
worked on a resource for our room to remind us to capitalize the names months, days, and
holidays, the pronoun I, the names of people, places, and products, titles, and the start
of a sentence.  We will be assessing on this skill on Tuesday.

All writers in 2nd grade have completed their rough drafts of a narrative.  Students will spend
part of the week doing self editing and revising and sharing their narratives with others.
 Students will be conferencing and completing their final draft by the week’s end.

In projects students have been learning about maps.  Students have completed making a
map of their rooms which included a title, compass rose, and a key.  

Remember that President’s Day is coming up on Monday, February 19th, there will be no
school.  Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and a Happy President’s Day!


Mrs. Bloomfield and Miss Garcia

Valentine'S Day, Love, Hearts, ...

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Candy Grams

Dear Parents,

I made an error on the blog as related to the sale of "Candy Grams".  "Candy Grams" are not available for sale at the front office.  They are only available from 12:00 to 1:15 pm in the cafeteria.  Sorry about the confusion.

Anne Bloomfield

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 20

... Valentine, Valentine'S Day ...  ... Valentine, Valentine'S Day ...  
                                                                              February 5, 2018
Dear Bighorns,

A GIGANTIC thank you to all that were able to come to Math Night last Tuesday!  It was great to see so many families enjoying playing math games and working on math puzzles!  We are hoping to make this an annual event!!

Miss Garcia and myself can't believe we just changed the calendar pieces from January to February!!  How can we be done with the first calendar month of the year???

In math 2nd grade students have been working very hard using previously learned strategies (open number line-last week and branch models-this week) renaming the ones and tens to add and subtract within one thousand.  This work involves a lot of decomposing and composing of numbers.  This is very challenging work, when homework comes home please help students as needed.  We have examples below and usually have an example on the worksheet to guide you.  While the work may seem challenging now, you will be surprised at how quickly the students become experts.
Examples from last week…
450  +  90 = ___   1.  The next hundred after 450 is 500.
         ↙ ↘           2.  To get to 500 you need 50, so the 90 get decomposed into 50 and 40.
     50   40             3.  The renamed equation is 500 + 40 = 540.
500 + 40 = 540      4.  Check by using the open number line.

56  -  7 = ____1.  The last ten before 56 is 50.
      ↙ ↘           2.  To get to 50 you need to subtract 6, so the 7 gets decomposed into 6 and 1.
    6    1              Then take the 6 and subtract it from the 56 to make 50.
56 -6 = 50       3.  The renamed equation is 50 - 1 = 49.
50 - 1 = 49      4.  Check by using the open number line.
Examples for this week…
Renaming the ones.
      606   +   145  =                         1.  Decompose addends by place value.
     ↙↓↘         ↙↓↘                             2.  Group hundreds.  Group tens.  Group ones.
    600  0   6   100 40  5                   3.  Add hundreds.  Add tens.  Add ones.
(600 + 100) + (0 + 40) + (6 + 5)       4.  Decompose the ones place to rename.
     700       +     40     +     11           5.  Write and solve renamed equation.          
                                         ↙ ↘
                                       10   1
     700        +     50     +     1 =  751
Renaming the tens.
         256   +    371  =                       1.  Decompose addends by place value.
        ↙↓↘         ↙↓↘                         2.  Group hundreds.  Group tens.  Group ones.
 200  50  6  300 70 1                           3.  Add hundreds.  Add tens.  Add ones
(200 + 300) + (50 + 70) + (6 + 1)     4.  Decompose the tens place to rename.
                     ↙ ↘                             5.  Decompose the tens place to rename hundreds place.
                    20 30                                6.  Write and solve renamed equation.  
500     +     120     +     7
                 ↙ ↘
              100  20
600    +    20    +    7  = 627

Worksheet - Decomposing, subtracting 10’s
Worksheet - Decomposing subtraction review 1’s and 10’s
Worksheet - Branching renaming 1’s
Worksheet - Branching renaming 10’s

Although we are always working on capitalization within our written work, this week it will be our focus.  Students will be using the acronym MINTS (M=months and days of the week, I=the pronoun “I” anywhere in a sentence, N=the names of people, places, and things,T=titles, and S=start of every sentence) to help us to remember words that need to be capitalized.  
Second grade writers are working on naratives!  Students have filled out their “quick sketch” notetakers and have been retelling their stories, which involve characters making a “snow critter” and the adventures that their “snow critter” has with them or later at night.  This narative is based on the popular Snowmen At Night books.  Rough drafts and some final copies should be completed by the end of the week.
Our new project is focusing on the area Geography.  Student have reviewed urban, suburban, and rural communities.  They have also spent time using Google Earth to find their homes.  This week our students of Geography will be using Google Earth to find landmarks within the United States.  We will also be looking at maps.
Valentine’s DayHeart, Love, Valentine'S Day, ...
Valentine’s Day is coming up on Wednesday, February 14th.  Since this holiday falls on a school day, the 2nd grade team will enjoy a few activities at the end of the day.  Our plan is to have students pass out Valentines (please be sure that your child sends one to everyone), play Valentine Bingo, and share appreciations.  Miss Garcia and myself wish to have the children enjoy the holiday with our students in a very simple manner.  

FYI...The Oasis Student Council will be selling Candy Grams.  Although Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders will not be allowed to buy them, parents may purchase them in the cafeteria from 12:00 to 1:15 pm.  

Wishing you all a great week!

Mrs. Bloomfield and Miss Garcia